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» HotSpots meets the great of world sport

Games Education meet with McEnroe, Nastase, IMG Academy, Michael Johnson, Niall Quinn, Les Ferdinand, FC Bruges, Bayern Munich and the list goes on!!

» Club Brugge now HotSpot Users!!

Club Brugge have taken delivery of HotSpot under the guidance of Head Academy Coach Henk Mariman who saw the system in Qatar at Aspire 4 Sport.

» England Hockey Coaching Conference

HotSpot agility presentation for Level 3 hockey coaching course

» Final of UK Sport Comp

Games Educations Hotspot® product reached the final stages of the presitgous UK Sport Garage Innnovators competition 2009

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Games Education are proud to become partners of Science and Football - a great combination of coaching and sports science in football.

See the HotSpot demonstration team at the Science and Football conference this weekend!

University of East London Sunday March 27th

Hotspot Super 6 Challenge!

Can you beat the trainer?


Hotspot PRO system AVAILABLE NOW!

The complete testing and training solution from Hotspot is now available at just £350 + VAT+Shipping

Now with vertical jump height included!

The PRO system consists of 4 spots with a dedicated "test" spot. 
Benefits : increased sensitivity improving reliability ; "test" spot for start and stop tests and other standard tests including vertical jump height analysis.

Drills are unlimited and allow coaches to devise activities and tests for their sport.  Test an athletes agility in standard movement patterns or test/train specific movements such as "flow" steps in tennis and "cut" moves in rugby and football.  

Hotspot PRO - Make it Count

GEL sign Yves Latreille as a Hotspot Representative

Professional ATP Tour Tennis Coach Yves Latreille a Hotspotter himself has joined GEL as a Hotspot representative.

Yves brings a wealth of tennis specific knowledge to the company and will be actively promoting the system across Europe.  

Yves is a certified Sanchez Casal Academy Coach. 

The highly respected Spanish methodology ties in well with Hotspot and it's progressive philosophy.

Yves can be contacted on 07902 456634 
or via email at

Games Education Ltd

Games Education is committed to providing accessible technology to the sports,fitness, education and leisure sectors.  

Our products aim to provide motivation through wanting and striving to improve every time we take part  in physical activity whilst providing for a positive and purposeful experience. 

Whether searching for that extra 1% on game day or engaging in exercise Games Education aims to provide a solution for you.
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